Lady Vikings take positive steps forward in 2018

Lady Vikings take positive steps forward in 2018

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There's a reason why they are called "growing pains".

It's because they hurt, growth is not an easy thing. However, usually, when you look back on it — it's worth it.

This year was definitely a year of growth for the Lady Vikings volleyball program. Movement in a positive direction that can't be overlooked in the wins and losses column. Big Bend put a product on the floor this season that was superior to the year before. A competitive group of young ladies that battled every time they were on the floor and earned five Northwest Athletic Conference victories - which was five more than the year before.

"We are continuing to lay a good foundation for the future of this program," said Head coach Michael De Hoog. "Our sophomores may not see the fruits of their effort, but they will be a huge part of our future success.

"We have a lot of super high-character student-athletes and I have enjoyed coaching each one of them. We put ourselves in a position to be successful quite a bit this season, and I think we left some wins on the floor - but that's just part of the growth and maturity and progress of this team." 

The Lady Vikings will be saying goodbye to just three sophomores, but those three student-athletes have been a large part of moving the program forward. During the last two seasons Hailey Miller (87), Ryana Recustodio (133), and JoAndra Wilson (117) combined for 337 total kills. Wilson, who missed the majority of the season with an injured hand, was only able to compete in half of this year's matches (17).

"We are going out and going to continue to recruit more student-athletes who are going to help us continue this positive push forward here at Big Bend," said De Hoog. "We played in this toughest region of the Northwest Athletic Conference and we played with the most talented teams punch for punch this year. We are happy with the progress that we made but we are not content. We want to continue to build on this year's successes."

Another huge reason for BBCC's success was the phenomenal play of freshman Sadie Nielsen who finished the season with 187 kills and was the team's emotional leader on the floor. Nielsen will be the leader of the 2019 squad they will be littered with second-year athletes that will be used to the competition of the NWAC Eastern Region and should promise even more future success.


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